Live Music in Missoula, Montana

Missoula moves to its own rhythm, inspired by the hum of the wilderness and the never-ending current of creativity (and three rivers) flowing through the city itself. The musicians who call Missoula home range from garage revival rock stars to classical masters, and this vibrant mountain town attracts headliners from all around the world to play in our renowned venues. Missoula's music is more than sound—it is a community of innovators, of fearless leaders, and of friends.

We may have pressed pause on packed live shows in 2020, but the spirit of creativity can't be stopped in a place like Missoula. We streamed local legends and symphonic masterpieces from our living rooms, showed support via virtual tip jars, and waited patiently for the revival of in-person concerts. And after over a year of hunkering down and working hard, Missoula is ready for a safe return to the stage. If you're as thrilled as we are to welcome back Missoula's live music scene, be sure to check back regularly for new concerts and local updates.

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